We believe that recovering and preserving the natural environment will lead us to achieve coexistence of nature and people.

Basic concept

Aim to produce safety and a stable global and living environment.

The concept of ESLab is “the coexistence of nature and people”. As long as humans have existed on this earth the major problem has been their disregard for nature and destruction of the environment. One point we would like to make is that ESLab has been developing this technology to recover this damage to the environment as opposed to bringing profit to individual human beings.

First, people should practice to coexist with nature, then practice to coexist with other human beings. If our way of life can place priority on nature, the environment will recover, and humans can live with “peace of mind”. We believe that peace of mind comes from “safety”, and a “stable” daily life in a stable global environment..

  • ◇ Environmental Science Laboratory provides the technology that can solve various kinds of environmental problems based on environmental friendly techniques. We will help to harmonize with customers, employees, and communities to help satisfy their environmental needs and help them prosper.
  • ◇ Our technology can harmonize with any other existing technology and can complement their technologies to enhance each function and display maximum function.
  • ◇ We respect the law as principal, and guarantee all quality of needs by society and our customers
  • ◇ We constantly do maintenance and improvement of our products and have established a quality assurance system that is international recognized.

Environmental Science Laboratory Co.
Managing director    Takeo Kobayashi

Photographs of the Office, the factory,
and the store sales department of ESLab. 

Photographs of the Office, the factory, and the store sales department of ESLab. 

Please ask Environmental Sicence Lanoratory Co. regarding the water quality improvement and the environmental measure device.

ESLab, located in Gunma, Japan, is a company dedicated to the improvement of environmental balance of water, soil, and air.