Introduction of our products that make the balance environment. Environmental Science Laboratory Co. products improve the quality of the water, the soil, the combustion, and the atmosphere (exhausted gas problem).

Balance improvement   Introduction of the balance goods

Space Series

Monad Series

Water Series

Pollution Series

Natural Series

Natural Series

Natural Series Super Ring (Air pack, Soil pack, Ocean pack)
Natural Series

External dimension



SUS304 Stainless

Functions and effects

Reduction o the air pollution, exhaust gas, soil contamination, and the ocean pollution
Resolution of the rivers and lakes pollution in large scale


Air pollution-plants, vehicles, power plants, and boilers
Soil contamination-plants, chemical plants, and farms
Ocean pollution-vessels, plant, and plant facilities

Terms of use

Temperature : -20℃(brine solution)~+1502℃(temperature of piping)
Speed of a moving fluid : 0 ~ 102m/s
the volume of water : corresponds to a large area scale
altitude : corresponds to a large area scale
The area : corresponds to a large area scale
the method of installation : Sets it up in surrounding area of a large area…Polluted areas, gulf regions, object regions, and river embankment.
Usage Quantity price
Air, Soil, Ocean, Desert, and Forest 1
open price

Inquiry concerning product and technology

Case of the Natural Series

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Generally, it is known that humans sense the bad smell when the emanation of stink molecule penetrated the nostril. However the idea of the smell by the balance improvement is that the change in density of the plus and the minus is in the density of the smell. The stink occurs when a minus density is very high. In other words, a tangerine with the minus density will smell good for humans when its' minus density decrease.

ESLab, located in Gunma, Japan, is a company dedicated to the improvement of environmental balance of water, soil, and air.