Introduction of our products that make the balance environment. Environmental Science Laboratory Co. products improve the quality of the water, the soil, the combustion, and the atmosphere (exhausted gas problem).

Balance improvement   Introduction of the balance goods

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Water Series

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Water Series

Water Series (For business use)
Improvement of the Water Quality Water Pack

External dimension

Diameter 45×115


SUS304 Stainless

Functions and effects

Prevention of rust, adhesion prevention of silica, prevention of oxidation, soft water making, deoxidize action, prevention of deterioration, prevention of friction.
Deodorant of odor of chlorine.


The water pipes in houses, factories, buildings, schools, and multipurpose facilities, and etc.
Piping of cooling towers, boilers, heat exchangers, air conditioners, and emrgency use
Household drainage, plant drainage, and etc.

Terms of use

Temperature : -20℃(brine solution)~+1500℃(temperature of piping)
Speed of a moving fluid : 0~100m/s
the volume of water : depends on the installation scale
Residual chlorin : 10mg/L
Height that movement of pump water is possible : -2000m (underground depth) ~ 2000m (high-rise)
The method of installation : piping in parallel, cutting is unnecessary, fluid disconnection
Usage Quantity price
prevention of rust, resolution of dirt, deodorant 1
open price

Inquiry concerning product and technology

Case of the Water Series

Water Pack (for household use)

Remove the odor of chlorine.

To set up this water-pack, please locate the meter of water pipe around your house. At the apartment or the condominium, please locate the private meter for your room. And then, you can simply set up this water-pack right next to the water pipe comes out from the meter. You may use the gummed tape to stick on, and even if the water pipe is buried underground, it is no problem to place it near by the water piping on the ground. The balance improvement of the density of the minus of old water service piping will begin soon after the installation. The density of the minus of the tap water sterilized in the filtration plant is high. Rust that has been collected in the inner wall of the water pipe used for many years also contains high density of the minus. Therefore the water comes from the old pipe. And inevitably, the water comes from the pipe contains high density of the minus. When the density of the water balanced, the odor of chlorine removes. In addition, rust in the old water piping will disappear little by little. When the water-pack can’t place next to the meter, it will be able to work well by setting up it around the tap.

Water Pack (for household use)

Almost no smell of chlorine

Wash and steam the rice with the balanced tap water that is controlled by the water-pack. Then, the amount of the water that infiltrates the grain of rice increases, and the taste of rice will be ambrosial. A lot of amounts of the dish detergent can be decreased by washing tableware with this tap water. It has the same feature of the surface activity effect as the “white-pack” that is used to the laundry. By mixing this balance water and bleach, the dusters and the towels can be bleached without the strong smell of chlorine. Soak the towel, clothes, and tableware for a while in the balance water mixed with the several drops of bleach. The function of sterilization and the bleaching doesn't change. However you do not feel the strong smell of chlorine unless you smell it really close.

Usage Quantity price(Including tax)
prevention of oxidation/soften water/deoxization
open price

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Generally, it is known that humans sense the bad smell when the emanation of stink molecule penetrated the nostril. However the idea of the smell by the balance improvement is that the change in density of the plus and the minus is in the density of the smell. The stink occurs when a minus density is very high. In other words, a tangerine with the minus density will smell good for humans when its' minus density decrease.

ESLab, located in Gunma, Japan, is a company dedicated to the improvement of environmental balance of water, soil, and air.